NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice

NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3


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Purchase NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice with a discount. Active Ingredient(s): Ethinylestradiol and Etonogestrel Not sure which Contraception treatment you need? NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice is a new type of contraception that takes the form of a vaginal ring. It is equally as effective as a combined pill contraceptive, but has the advantage of only needing to be used once each month. At present it is also the only available vaginal ring in Europe and is popular with women who want an effective contraception without using a daily pill. The NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice itself is small, thin and flexible and is inserted into the vagina once a month and removed after three weeks, but is effective for the whole month. If you would like to buy the NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice online, you can do so from Onlineclinic. You will need to fill in a quick yet confidential consultation which allows our doctors to assess whether the vaginal ring is suitable for you to buy. If approved, they will then write you a prescription which will be filled by our pharmacy. Are there any benefits? The NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice has the advantage of providing a lower dosage of oestrogen, in comparison to combined pills, over the weeks it is inserted. Side effects that are oestrogen-related, like nausea and breast tenderness, are less likely to develop thanks to this. This also means that the NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice, because of its placement within the vagina, will still be effective as a contraceptive even if you suffer from sickness or diarrhoea, which might even be caused by orally taken treatments. But the most pronounced benefit is that just a single vaginal ring provides safety for an entire month allowing for various lifestyles where daily management is difficult or impossible. How does the NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice work? The NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice works in a similar fashion to combined pills in that it releases oestrogen and progestogen into the body. Ethinylestradiol, the artificial oestrogen, prevents ovulation from occurring while the etonogestrel, artificial progestogen, increases the thickness of the cervical mucus (preventing sperm from entering) and doesn't allow the womb lining to thicken (preventing an egg from developing). Because of the comprehensive triple action cover of the vaginal ring, the chances of conception are minimal. Even in the unlikely chance that an egg is fertilised, it cannot implant itself on the womb lining due to the third action of the treatment. Who can use this ring? Women who suffer from certain medical conditions might prevent the usage of a vaginal ring like NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice. These include medical histories or existing cases of a stroke, a heart attack, blood clots, high blood pressure, liver tumours and heart valve disorders. How can you use it? Exact placement of the NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice inside your vagina is not necessary so long as it's comfortable for you. To insert it, remove the ring from its foil pouch, gently squeeze it between your fingers, and place in the vagina. Removing it is equally easy and is done by hooking your finger through the ring and pulling it out slowly. It should remain in place for three weeks, after which you can remove it as per above. During the last week of your four week cycle, you don't use the ring, but you are still protected and you will experience a period or "withdrawal bleed". Are side effects common? The NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice is known to cause common side effects such as vaginal discomfort, weight gain, pain in the abdomen, gential itching and a reduced libido. Uncommon or rare side effects include: muscle spasms, difficulty or pain when urinating, a swollen abdomen, abnormal vision, mood swings, blood or pain during sex, dizziness and back pain. The majority of these will become milder once your body adjusts to the hormones but if any of these persist or are severe, you should consult with your doctor immediately. Can I buy the NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice online? NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice is available online from Onlineclinic. You will be asked to fill out a simple and confidential consultation form that our doctors will review to make sure that the NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice is the right and safe contraceptive treatment for you. Once this has been established, they will write a prescription for one of our registered pharmacies. After this your treatment will be sent to you through our free overnight delivery service. NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice - Patient Information Leaflet The NuvaRing 120mcg/15mcg/24hrs x 3 in Nice patient information leaflet (PIL) is provided for informational purposes only. For the latest manufacture's information please refer to the PIL in the packaging. Onlineclinic does not accept liability for the information displayed.

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